Paris to Chenoise to Troyes…rest day Troyes

Paris to Chenoise to Troyes…Rest Day in Troyes

We arrived in Paris at about 6:30 am on Thursday, and stayed up all day to get in the same time zone. Everything arrived safely, however our3rd bag cost us about $130.00 each, but our bikes and our bodies arrived safely so all was good. Our taxi ride from the airport was more like the formula 1 racing but felt strangely comfortable with our young driver.
What can I say about Paris…I can see why so many people love it, there is such a carefree attitude at least in the nicer areas and compared to the Cape so very young. We walked down the tourist areas which were magnificent in their grandness, Notre Dame, Le Louvre, the original Statue of Liberty and the grand mall down the Seine of which Washington DC was modeled. Actually most of Paris that we walked through had magnificent old buildings. Our hotel was on a canal and on Friday about 3:00pm people just start drinking and sitting out either on the cafe/bars or on the sides of canal. forget it if you want dinner before about 8:00pm. Such a young festive atmosphere and I can see why so many people would love it here, but for me, two days was enough because while I enjoy people watching and can somewhat put myself vicariously as a young Parisian, the reality is that I hate sitting around and was so happy to get on my bike finally! 
A couple of side notes- Paris is an unbelievably heavily biked city as is most Europe and they use these rent a bikes to go from place to place. The streets are crowded and the motorbikes legally speed and weave in and out through the lanes of traffic. In order to check out our bikes to make sure we were in good working order, Dan and I ventured out…SCARY!!! but I am still alive to tell about it. The day we left Paris, our whole group rode as a group to the Arc and the Eiffel, not so bad with 20 of us.
Another side note- Was surprised how I could not pick up even minimal French. Looks like vocabulary ended up being BonJour, Merci, Pardon. You should have seen me trying to find a laundry in Troyes. I thought there was a movie called my Beautiful Launderette, but it did not seem to translate in my English/French. I was going to try and learn a little more but Dan said why bother we will be in Germany in 2 days.
Food has been really good and I eat cheese and eggs but am staying off the bread, rice, etc. Riding a lot of miles and walking a ton means I fill in my carbs with beer and hard candy. Was going to give up the candy but just not enough calories to make it 2 months without cheating. That is the company line, but the real story is that I am a serious candyholic and gave it up for about 11 years until my trip across Canada on bike. Quit again and seem to quit every few months but given ANY excuse and RATIONALIZATION and I can’t pass it up.
The group so far is Nice, trying to keep my initial judgements neutral or positive. enjoy finding out About them and I am sure you will hear things as we go along.
The riding has been beautiful, the towns, farms and fields of flowers are just like you see on the Tour De France. The little towns are old old but so well preserved and beautiful. 
Tomorrow is a 90 mile day, which I so look forward to, I hate the short days (about 50 miles) and try to convince Dan into going to side trips  for an extra 10 – 20 miles to see a different town and get some mileage in.
weather has been about 90 degrees and sun forecasted for another full week. does not get dark here until about 10:30, but I settle in around 9:00.
Was doing some yoga with come of cycle group after the first day and may try to schedule something more organized for those that want to.
Sorry this was so boring, hope a little more excitement in the next week. I guess boring is good, good food, good weather, good drink, spectacular sites and safe riding…makes good days but boring blogs

2 thoughts on “Paris to Chenoise to Troyes…rest day Troyes

  1. GREAT BLOG! So very exciting! Johnny and Ali need to visit Paris! Actually, they will probably decide on England if they go abroad. Paul and I should take Jenna! What a freak’n BLAST! (maybe she could hook up with a handsome, rich, Parisian. lol So glad it has been fun! Keep us posted! ps. Did you see that Ali shared this site on his wall? Precious!

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